Report a Bug

We aim to fix bugs within 2 working days after the bug was reproduced on our computers. If we miss the 2 working day deadline you will be awarded up to 15% off your next purchase from RentASoft.

As soon as the bug has been fixed you will be sent, free of charge the fixed version of the program.

Tips to help us reproduce the bug:
- provide a full description of how the bug happens.
- send any files which cause the bug to happen.

If you do send any files, the information held within them will be kept confidential and used only to find the bug. Once the bug has been found and fixed the files will be permanently deleted.

What is a software bug?

A software bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a software program which stops it from working as intended.
More information about this subject can be found here.

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Bug Discription

Use the space below to describe the problem. Please be specific in the sequence of steps that led up to the problem and describe the exact results.

Send a File:

If you would like to send more than 1 file, please zip them. If you don't have a zip program, you can use RentASoft Zip Repair to create a .zip file. Click here for more information.